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The cemetery church from the outside view

The Portal (entrance)

The Annexe

The Church from the left side

The columbaria

A church clock

The Evangelist LUKAS

The Evangelist JOHANNES

The Evangelist MARKUS

The Evangelist MATTHÄUS

A foray through the internal space of the church

The anteroom

The interior

which provides enough space for great furnerals.

The very wide aisle

The view from the organ

The chancel

One of the three galleries

which is accessible with the recently built-in elevator

The "church under the church"

Unforgettable impressions of the church

The impressive starry sky

The Last Judgement

The Pieta

The Transfiguration of Jesus

A breathtaking sight if the sun is shining through.

Jesus Birth

This crib decorates the aisle to the chancle at Christmas Time.