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An unrecognised Jewel

In the year 1899 announced the community of Vienna among burgomaster Dr. Karl Lueger
a "Contest to completion of the central cemetery".
Chairman was Otto Wagner.

Max Hegele was the winner of this contest and was allowed to implement his plans.
In his first step he built
the magnificent entrance II,
secondly the laying-out halls I and II,
and finally the "cemetery church for a lasting decorating of the sanctuary of peace".

This impressive cemetery church deals with the caducity and difficulty of dead and life,
as well as time and eternity. It is safe to say the church is the coronation of the cemetery.

The "Luegerkiche" has lots of factors which made her a one-off cemetery church in the
history of arts. These are:

  • Its huge interior which provides opportunity for funerals with great attendance.
  • The very wide aisle with a stunning look to the altar.
  • The staircase with 26 stages
  • An old pipe organwhich is located at one of three galleries.
    These are accessible for tourist with the recent built-in elevator.
  • "A church under the church" with 44 crypts.
  • Church clocks with the writing: "Tempus fugit" - the time escapes
  • The amazing starry sky on the inside of the cupola.
    (=> have a look at the picture gallery!)
  • The plan and the floor paving have the figure of the Cross with an enrolled circle
    as a sign of the release and eternity.
  • Various illustrations of the Cross
  • ...

    Max Hegele created this beautiful cemetery church with the collaboration of the following artists,
    which were responsible for some details of the cladding - interior as well as exterior:
    Leopold FORSTNER, Eduard HAUSER, Josef HEU, Arthur KAAN, Theodor KHUEN,
    Franz KLUG, Georg LEISEK, Karl PHILLIP, Adolf POHL, Johann RATHAUSKY,
    Carl WOLLEK, Hans ZATZKA, Anselm ZINSLER

    On the wish of burgomaster Dr. Karl Lueger was the church sanctified to hl. Karl
    Borromäus. After his dead was the cemetery church named to

    The following picture shows a picture postcard of the church after its construction:

    This church is property of the community of Vienna and is assigned to the Catholic Church
    but it opens its doors for all religious denominations.

    Msgr. Mag. Karl Wagner is the rector of this Church.
    Every Sunday he celebrates Mass with his community.
    For his great earnings around the cemetery he got
    the golden medal of cemetery culture.